I have always been skeptical of bio art for some reason, probably because I haven’t seen it convincingly put together as art as of yet. I do remember Eduardo Kac’s GFP Green Bunny and other attempts at conjoining art and living organisms. I am aware of my own limitation.

Alba, the green glow-in-the-dark bunny.

Last night, at Upgrade!Singapore I attended a lecture by Belgian artist/scientist Angelo Vermeulen which made me understand of the links between biology, art while also using web 2.0 as a part of the process.

The BioModd project begins to address a few of the questions concerning this bridging of disciplines and knowledge into a ‘live’ sculpture, or electronic garden that begins to make some sense.

BioModd Phillippines

I particularly liked hearing of his collaborations with space agencies and the fact that science is beginning to welcome the input of artists and designers in determining some aspects of the future. In Angelo’s case, his experiments with live ecological systems and art could contribute to sustained journeys into space where food would have to be grown out there so that the crew can have a renewable source of food and energy out there. Quite trippy.

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