A Google-free life is possible

Following the story on Google and China, perhaps the Chinese government simply believes that Google is a hassle and there is no reason why millions of Chinese-speaking lives should bother about Google hijacking their cyber-time. Perhaps the Chinese Government is more efficient at controlling and hijacking their people’s time with less efficient home-grown search engines, and other cyber products that pass tightly through their information turnstyle.

This post in ‘Zen Habits”, a guide to living minimally, or in other words, how to live a streamlined life of information, gives a detailed guide on how to live Google-free. Pun intended.

It is possible.

It seems like a perfect read on a Sunday, the day for dolce far niente.

One thought on “A Google-free life is possible

  1. I don’t blame them, i would prefer to have my email, just singular, and not associated with google at all

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