Creative Idleness

Creative Idleness

But even in Brazil, as everywhere else, the seduction of information is sucking in the best of us into surrogate lives online. Therefore, understanding the value of down time is actually something you have to work for I am a total victim of this, I admit, spending a good chunk of my life connected. For a reason, though. It is the only way that I, as an expatriate on the other side of the planet, can keep my highly-valued friends and family present in my daily life so far away from home. Social media as an extension of family ties? Yep. Worse, information is my object of research and material for my art. Point of no return.)

De Masi, in the interview below, outlines this philosophy. In Italian with Portuguese subtitles – sorry. There is little of his work translated into English, but this could be a start.

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