I am getting increasingly nauseated by this compulsion to insert a ‘green’ label to everything. Too often misapplied to boost brand-ego, but can be quite interesting when put into practice in an intelligent way. The question remains if we as consumers will embrace it as a choice, or if this ‘choice’ will already come embedded into the product strategy itself.

And, today, tada! The newest addition to the ‘green-eco-sustainable-feel-good’ family is eco-underwear by PACT – which oddly reminds of the discardible panties you can buy in the supermarket before going camping, or the ones they give you in massage parlors – a very sexy piece of lingerie, you know. Yves Béhar, this product’s designer and also the designer of the problematic but quite fun One Laptop per Child, says:

Béhar says he always wanted to do an underwear line because the market was ready for a fresh, sustainable approach. “You go to a store and search through boxes for the right size and shape while looking at perfect bodies, it’s ridiculous,” he explains. “It’s like an old fashioned retail environment.”
Béhar didn’t tinker much with basic underwear forms. PACT’s are “not sexually enhanced,” he jokes. And while one surfer dude appears on PACT’s website, the brand’s models don’t resemble moonlighters from Abercrombie & Fitch ads.

I see. I personally don’t like the design, but maybe for a good cause at US$26 a pair, 10% to the NGO, maybe I could give up beautiful sexy lingerie to slip into one rather unsexy panty.

What’s wrong with sexiness in ‘green’ stuff? Why is this ‘green’ wave so lacking in libido?

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