We are all stardust

Love it when philosophy meets technology meets design meets art. When well done, it works, hopefully as much more than visuals illustrating complex yet elusive philosophical concepts.

The “Ouroboros” show uses more than 30,000 images including comets, volcanic flows, galaxies and chemical symbols to tell a multilayer history of the universe. “Ouroboros: The History of the Universe,” a 3-D visual installation, tells the story of cosmic evolution at the Ise Cultural Foundation in SoHo.

The Tail Devourer

Ouroboros, as the Greeks called the snake that eats its tail, has from ancient times been a symbol of cosmic unity and self-sufficiency. Dr. Hossaini says his mission here is to reverse what he calls the “fractionalizing of culture” that began with modern science, industry and art.

One consequence of that split is the continuing ravaging of the environment, he believes. “We know we’re pillaging our habitat, but we can’t make the leap from knowledge to right action,” he writes in a statement that accompanies the show.

read more in the  NYT Art&Design Exhibition Review.

Sweatshoppe Ise Cultural Foundation

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