Isabel’s work is mainly photographic and questions the process and nature of digital images inside existing communication networks. She seeks to understand the critical relationship between the self, affect, the image and the Internet.

“Isabel Löfgren’s work is made of artistic connections in the fragile vertigo of her chosen medium. The telematic composition (of information technology) shows the compulsive side of image collectors. The montages, conceptually photographic, live through the digital spoils she researches very carefully. Celebrities, impostors, fashion, cinema and music icons, anonynous people, individualities of the media market or supporters of pop culture are cut and pasted, then decontextualized, sometimes subtracted or replaced in the artist’s careful eye…”

– Download exhibition catalogue from solo exhibition in Art Lounge Gallery (2006)

– Monograph about my work “Fragile Connections: Art, Affection and Cyberspace in the art of Isabel Löfgren” by Patricia Gouvêa,  Polêmica Imagem no. 18, Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro, 2008. In Portuguese.

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