Don’t Even Go There

Tedium space: Hotel. The Expectation of Fact.

One night in Bangkok, I turned on the television in the hotel room late at night, expecting to find the evening news on the screen. Instead, all I found was the flickering image of a haunting empty corridor. Puzzled by this image, I kept watching the channel, only to find more images of empty corridors, the hotel reception, then the garage, more empty corridors, the reception, the garage,  in a continuous loop of images which had transformed me from a hotel guest to a panoptical voyeur and controller of the building from inside my own room. The spheres of public and private had clashed and I began to look for something, but nothing happened: a fat tourist going to his room, a waiter carrying a tray, a bored concierge. I somehow expected some action, some fact, or some violence of fact. As part of a series called “Tedium Spaces” where I photograph images of waiting rooms, receptions, and other spaces of boredom in between the events of life, this piece shows a space where we are caught waiting for something to happen. I found an overwhelming sense of meaningless control. This piece is a portrait of that hotel in any given evening, one more evening of emptiness: an emptiness-paranoia.

Galleri Studio44, Stockholm. Isabel Löfgren®2007

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