The pieces in the “Image-Code” (2003) and “Accumulations” (2004-6) are a series of photographic assemblages composed of millions of images found online through image-search mechanisms. The result forms an accumulation of fragments the surface of the overall image. What appears is a manifestation of randomly arranged electronic code,  illudes us into thinking of it is a visual image.


ArtLounge Gallery, Lisbon, March 2006.

Image-Code 2003-04

Searching for myself, searching for anything. Copy, paste, step, repeat. Infinity.

Celebrity Series. search:”michaeljackson” filetype:jpg, returning 200 of 200 results, 200 x 100 cm, photographic print, 2003.

Identity. search: “isabel” filetype:jpg, displaying 3,220 of 10,452 results. 250 x 185 cm, photographic print, 2004

Surveillance. Search: “webcam” “livecam” filetype:jpg, showing 1.773 of 4,000 results. Diameter 2.5 m, photography mounted on acrylic, 2004.

Galería ArtexArte, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2004

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